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Windows is a very complicated system. It is a host to a long
list of files and programs that make it work. Over time, Windows degrades due
to constant introduction of files, programs as well as the deletion of files
and uninstallation of unused programs.

Malware like viruses may get removed by anti-virus programs,
but the damage they leave are usually just there, and the damage could spread
and degrade the system as you use it more. The truth of the matter is that at
one point in time, you will be required to reinstall Windows just so you can
use it again.

Unfortunately, reinstalling Windows not only takes a lot of
time, but it can also endanger your files and your programs that you may not
want to uninstall or lose. Don’t you wish there was some way to reinstall and
restore Windows to its full glory without the need to reformat your PC? Well
now you can with ReImage.

What is ReImage?

ReImage is the revolutionary program that is the first of
its kind. It aims to restore and reinstall windows to you PC without having to
remove any third party files and without removing your personal data. It is a
unique way of fixing Windows as it restores all Windows system files,
registries, and default programs and settings, making it seem like Windows was
reinstalled while not removing any of your previous 3rd party customization.

Blue Screen of Death


Considered one of the scariest Windows errors, the Blue
Screen of Death is a massive error that involves missing files, virus damage,
hardware inconsistencies, and error in the registry. It is a complicated error
that often forces a lot of people to just reinstall Windows since they cannot
figure it out.

With ReImage, all you need to do is to scan your computer
with the scanning tool and it will find all the missing files, errors and other
things it needs to restore your PC to its full glory. ReImage pulls from a host
of thousands of Windows files that can overwrite corrupted or missing files in
the system, brining you back to a fresh install of Windows without losing your
files and programs.

Virus Removal

Not only is ReImage a host of spare parts for your PC’s
Windows operating system, it also makes use of a host of antivirus programs and
algorithms in its scans. It can scan and detect viruses and malware in your PC,
and with the help of its partners like Avira, they can remove all traces of the
virus while keeping all Windows files and programs intact. In fact, if the
virus does leave some damage before it is removed, ReImage simply pulls from
its repository the necessary files to fix and restore the damaged ones, leaving
you with a fully working PC and no viruses!

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