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Roborub Computer software can help you secure your personal info in a way that when you're deleting your computer information from your own Computer, this App wouldn't made it recover again. Meaning, it eliminates your deleted info forever from your own Personal computer's Hard disc.

It is quite beneficial for computer and notebook computer users, especially people who has absolute concern with computer and contains essential & key information to handle. It really is so because this app allows you to forever remove these information from your own Personal computer that you have removed which makes that irrecoverable.


Functions in background

The application operates in history as a way to make it unavailable for unauthorized consumers.

Evidence message before deleting

You can put an alternative which shows the confirmation message before deleting any information in the Hard disc.

Established User Id & Code word for security

You'll be able to put User Id & Code word for accessing the Software

Eliminates removed info eternally

The info that you will be deleting, Roborub removes that information eternally from your own Computer's Fixed disk, in order that it turns into irrecoverable.

Set custom path for Application program's use

You can set Custom route for those Applications's use. For example: you have some personal info to handle, within your Multiicon File which will be really in D drive. Established the stated route inside the Roborub Computer software. It is not going to be recoverable, by doing so, whichever record you are going to remove from Multiicon folder.

Custom Scan alternative

With this specific software, you can even check the Hdd. This will assist Roborub remove each of the deleted documents from that unique drive forever.
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