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These days, we are ever more connected with our personal
computers. We have been able to digitize a lot of information and data about
ourselves and the world we live in. We store countless memories, moments,
creations, and ideas into our computers. You can say that a computer is a
treasure trove of important and personal data. More often than not, the data
stored there are data we would never want to lose.

Unfortunately, bad things do happen. You could either
mistakenly delete important data or end up realizing that data you deleted
before was actually important and you wish to have it back. Either way, it is
clear that data loss is unacceptable, and we want to get them back if at all

This is where Data Recovery Pro comes in. It can scan and
identify all the types of data that you can restore from your computer.
Regardless if it is a video file, a photo, or a document, as long as the
remnant data of these files are intact, Data Recovery Pro can get it back for

Powerful Recovery

Data Recovery Pro was designed as a powerful recovery tool
that can piece together even the oldest files that you may have deleted in the
past. Even if the file was deleted accidentally by a program or even malware,
Data Recovery Pro can get it back for you with no hassle at all. The deep
scanning algorithm allows it to find the remnant data and reconstructs it for
you to see, even including the encrypted deleted files.

It is so powerful that it can even restore data lost from
freshly formatted drives and portable storage media. You can get back data from
flash drives, memory cards, and even mounted smartphone memory. The best part
is it is light and easy to install. There is no need to worry about bogging
down your system with a large application.

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Designed to be used by every type user from the computer
newbie to the IT specialist, this program was made to be easy to install and
use. It will guide you throughout the process of scanning and retrieving your
lost data. It can even help you preview multimedia files like photos and video
thumbnails before restoration, ensuring that you only restore the files you want.

You can also easily search for the files you are looking for
within the lost files, allowing you to quickly recover what you need without
the hassle of looking through hundreds of previously deleted files and media. You
can choose to recover only one file or a whole batch in just one process,
ensuring that you get back only what you want and keep away from all the junk
that should stay deleted.

For ease of use, you can just save the recovered files into
a separate directory of your choosing, so you won’t have to look all over the
file system just to find where the data was restored to. This makes it even
more intuitive than a plain old recycle bin.

Works with Emails Too!

Apart from being capable of restoring all kinds of
multimedia, Data Recovery Pro is able to work with your local email client to
recover lost emails and attachments. Just imagine how useful that would be in
case you accidentally deleted an important email, or you need to reference to
an old email but you apparently deleted it. For all data recovering needs, Data
Recovery Pro is just the right tool for you!

Fantastic Support

In the unlikely event that you do get lost and can’t seem to
recover the data you want, Parentologic offers a pretty robust customer support
system with an FAQ for the most common troubleshooting situations. While Data
Recovery Pro does its best in recovering all the data it possibly can, not all
data can be restored. Sometime, when you have torn a piece of paper enough
times, you just can’t tape it back together anymore.

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