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Scheduler and effective launcher that gives fast access to your own favorite applications, folders, files, and sites. Enter new shortcuts by drag-n-drop, launching shortcuts using keyboard shortcuts, program shortcuts to operate one or several occasions, group shortcuts, automatically add generally typed text, screen reminders, automate system tasks for example shutdown and reboot, and much more.

SuperLauncher is really a productivity tool which givers you immediate access to your own most often used programs, folders, files, and sites, saving time to you you'd spend drilling down files in Windows Explorer, and making lengthy excursions for the start button. Because of its extreme simplicity SuperLauncher can not just improve productivity but also decrease anxiety while operating.

But that's not all SuperLauncher can-do, the application too is a scheduler that provides the capacity to you to routine tasks or categories of tasks to operate once or often over a span. Windows jobs may also be planned including system shutdown, reboot, hibernate, standby, and log-off.

Benefiting from its scheduling attributes SuperLauncher may be utilized as a private reminder software which may notify you of appointments, birthdays and other activities via popup dialog, desktop notify, or software launching, allowing you to really record coming and recurring activities.

All you've got to do in order to add new techniques to SuperLauncher is pull whatever application, file, doc or site you desire, and decrease that over SuperLauncher little desktop window. Magicians forthwith allow you to connect keyboard hot-keys and setup a number of planned occasions for delivery.

Contrasting features include the capacity of group techniques and a text inserter. It's just reasonable to state that general SuperLauncher has all the equipment you require to perform faster and achieve more with less anxiety, proving to be ideal for individuals or companies trying to foster efficiency and never needing to raise operating hours.
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