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CCBoot is thin-client program, occasionally called thin COMPUTER software, which permits system shoe from LAN with PXE trunk technology. It supports iSCSI boot and PXE boot Windows 7 and XP in the thin-client server slightly in the LAN.

CCBoot is also known as system trunk, LAN boot or PXE boot host that empowers trunk from community. Usually, CCBoot is cyber cafe software, and diskless Web cafe pc software which perhaps not simply works for slender PCs of internet cafe, but additionally functions for slender customers of schools and offices. It will help re-establish a clear program after each system, keep computers away from infections, and revise all Computer's with just one click.

CCBoot is made from three diskless shoe solutions.
Web Restaurant Alternative (Diskless iCafe Billing iCafe Menu)
Instruction Alternative (Diskless LAN Administrator)
Business Solution (Diskless Proxy Server Email Server)

With CCBoot's effective alternatives and Youngzsoft's quality services, CCBoot is nicely liked by over 30,000 happy users around the all over the world It characteristics by means of these specific functions.
One. Hard Drive Expenditures Preserved.
No requirement for fixed disk on client PCs, so lots of HDDs expenditures would be preserved.

2. Compatible with Third Party DHCP and TFTP.
It generates the managing become more handy.

3. Fail-Over with Super Path.
Servers can be realized two by this operating at the same time. In case that one host has stoppage, the other one will occur of it without restarting and impacting customers.

4. One Picture for Multiple Specifications.
The PnP role of CCBoot can help you generate a single image for several consumer PCs with various specs.

5. Flawlessly Works with Windows Domain name.
One can login with website account, then fill and store individual information to the individual drive.

6. Weight Balance.
It supports single host with multiple NICs fill harmony, and several servers fill harmony.

Seven. Restore Level Direction, Multiple OS Shoe, Individual Drive, Graphic Trunk, VLAN and Multiple LANs, Effective Cache etc.
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