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CCProxy, from , is a proxy-server for windows, an access to the internet manage proxy software. CC Proxy-Server software may support ISDN, DSL, dialup, optical fibre, satellite, broadband and DDN connections, it helps building your own proxy server and share Web connection within the LAN efficiently and readily. This software may act as a FTP, mail, HTTP, CLOTHES, information, telnet and HTTPS proxy server. It characteristics account administration features, including bandwidth manage, Access to the internet manage, Web internet selection, content selection and period handle. In addition, it offers internet caching, on-line accessibility monitoring, signing and bandwidth use data features.

With CCProxy's various functions and professional support of Youngzsoft, CCProxy has successfully put up 50,000 proxy servers and 1,000,000 clients all around the world, it is throughout the world This proxy pc software features with following unique functions.

1. Device, Cable-Modem, ISDN, ADSL, Satellite, DDN, Wi-Fi and others are reinforced.

2. HTTP, FTP, Gopher, SOCKS4and5, Telnet, Protected (Http), News (NNTP), RTSP and MMS proxy are reinforced.

3. Port Maps is reinforced.

4. Web cache may accentuate exploring pace. The dimension as well as renew instance of the cache can be readily shifted.

5. Bandwidth manage flexibly handles the visitors use of clients.

6. Time program may easily handle the customers' on-line period(entry period management).

Seven. Web filtration may prohibit the specified internet sites or articles, Additionally, it may identify special sites for exploring.

8. URL blocking prevents consumers from downloading files with designated plug-ins via MS Internet Explorer.

9. You will find seven forms of account authentication: INTERNET protocol address, IP array, MAC address, User NameandPassword, IP User NameandCode word, MAC User Nameand Password and IP Apple.

10. Parent proxy server function empowers CCProxy to access the Net via yet another proxy.

11. Switch- auto remove, distant dial-up and on demand are reinforced.
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