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Concerned about how exactly the others are using your own personal computer - or the things they're doing - while you're away? Workers harming your workstations?

SpyAgent is the effective, award winning alternative that could record all keystrokes, e mails, windows, web sites, programs, online contacts, talk discussions, passwords, printing jobs, files seen, and sometimes even screenshots! SpyAgent works in total STEALTH with elective E-MAIL Shipping and signing and lock-down booking. Report any activities on your own Computer with this particular effective full-featured Computer TRAVELER! SpyAgent is employed by house consumers and companies likewise - as it supplies the many in-depth signing which can be located everywhere. No actions completed around the Computer getaway SpyAgent's visiting!

SpyAgent additionally functions effective selection and access-control characteristics, including Talk Preventing (to limit use of talk pc software), Program Preventing (to avoid certain programs from being performed), Web site Selection, and much more! SpyAgent is not just an award winning Computer Traveler, but additionally a robust action selection program.
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