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Happytime Onvif Host is really a System Video Transmitters (NVT) products simulation application. Complete support ONVIF standard, uses Discovery, Press services and System. Created in C, Crossplatform help collection, can be readily ported to embedded systems. May be utilized to produce System Video Transmitters (NVT) products, for embedded designers may more easily debug on COMPUTER.

Complete support ONVIF common
Crossplatform help collection
Don't depend on any thirdparty libraries

Supply the source-code to obtain

Complete assistance ONVIF standardThe Open System Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is really a global and open business forum with the aim to ease the application and development of the global open standard for that interface of bodily IPbased protection items.
These places are included in the Happytime Onvif Host Code:
Ip Address configuration
Device discovery
Device management
Press settings
Real-time viewing

Crossplatform help libraryOnvif host collection code using C language
Help for windows system
Support for linux/unix system
Support for embedded programs
Could be readily ported to additional platforms

Don't depend on any thirdparty librariesLibrary signal doesn't depend on any thirdparty libraries
Built-in xml parsing code
Built-in http server code
Built-in rtsp method code
Built-in rtp process code
Signal construction is clear and succinct
Compiled object files smallerObject files compiled just several dozen E size
More appropriate for embedded development
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