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Distant Network Statistics exhibits distant system computer Ip Address, ICMP, TCP, UDP and Server statistics, shows the information about Ip Address datagrams including sending enabled-disabled condition , default moment to stay, how many received datagrams, datagrams with tackle, headlines, process errors, forwarded datagrams, incoming datagrams which were dumped, delivered datagrams , delivered datagrams, routing datagrams which were dumped, datagrams withought routing , interfaces , nearby host Ip address, TCP segments including timeout formula , minimal and maximum timeouts in milli-seconds,the number of maximum connections , opened active and passive connections, unsuccessful connections, reset connections, now recognized connections, received segments, sent segments, retransmitted segments, received errors, segments, which have been sent with reset flag, accumulative connections, details about UDP datagrams the number of Amount Of received datagrams, datagrams without interface, datagrams with errors, sent datagrams, listening contacts, ICMP messages in incoming and outgoing states including the number of messages , problems, unreachable communications, TTL exceeded messages, communications with parameter difficulties, source satisfy messages, Rerouted messages, echo communications, echo responses, time-stamp responses, address mask communications, address mask responses,etc. You need to have administrative rights to the distant system computer. All of the mentioned characteristics are supplied with a user friendly graphical software.
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