Passion of Life


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The unconscious mind of an individual by generating and pretending mental imagery of positive thoughts can create an outcome for all those thoughts within our physical life.

Thus the chemical makeup within the human body changes with each thought or notion that crosses our heads creating emotions connected with it.

"Your Wish is my Order, my Lord."

The genie is just saying: Your wish is my order, my lord and constantly repeats exactly the same. Consequently it's adequate that you demand only want and what you enjoy so the genie can say your wish is my order, my lord and allow your wish to you and fulfill your demand.

Then if intentionally or unknowingly you talk about things that you really do not enjoy and don't desire or should you whine and feel depressed and down, the genie will nonetheless answer: "Your Wish is my Order, my Lord" and allow you that same wish (The Secret).

Henry Ford: "Whether you believe that can or can-not, you're still appropriate."

The applications of "Passion of Life" can let you free the unconscious mind by eliminating illogical and baseless ideas and go towards success and abundance in life.

The way the Program Functions:

Your head will alter its procedures by reviewing these statements and it'll push and put you particularly in a fresh wave of life.

"Individuals would be the product of the heads and tomorrow shall become what
They've looked at today. Meterling"
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