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RustemSoft is presenting a software for customizing your.NET Windows Forms DataGridView Posts. DataGridView Columns.NET assemblage can be a DataGridView Columns software program specially created for Windows Types.NET designers. The collection enables you to really use all advantages of the MS-WINDOWS.NET forms DataGridView control without waiving the user-interface elements your clients desire.
By utilizing the collection you'll be able to make your personal group of DataGridViewColumn items that defines custom order for those Windows Forms DataGridView control and include them all to the GridColumnsCollection. A column is an item that identifies what the column appears and acts like, including things like colour, typeface, as well as the existence of handles that'll handle linked area in a databank by means of the Combination Package, a DateTime structure Box and additional control.
Additionally we've assembled.NET code examples that characterize the concepts and methods you could utilize to assemble DataGridView attributes into your programs. The code examples reveal the different means to control DataGridView columns using attributes of the DataGridViewColumn class.
DataGridView Columns dynamic-link library offers the following DataGridView Columns:

DataGridView DateTime Column;
DataGridView Numeric Column;
DataGridView Label Column;
DataGridView DomainUpDown Column;
DataGridView NumericUpDown Column;
DataGridView Graphic Column;
DataGridView MaskedTextBox Column;
DataGridView Print Class
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