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Elerium Word.NET Author is a fantastic option for D#, VB.NET and ASP.NET designers that enables to simply and efficiently produce Word files (DOC, DOCX, RTF), with no need to set up extra applications and Ms Word. The Term.NET Author can be readily applied in D#, VB.NET or ASP.NET jobs/sites. The installation bundle of the Term Writer features C# and VB.NET trials for fast start.

Important attributes:

- Document types doc, docx, rtf, text.
- Create and save Word files (Word 2007, Word 97 2003 and Word 2010).
- Procedures for Creating word documents (see D# VB.NET examples).
- Make and modify doc areas.
- Create and modify doc content (tables, sentences, pictures, text-boxes, etc.)
- Make and modify term header or footer.
- Make and modify term footnotes.
- Make and modify word endnotes.
- Configurations of term page (width, height, edges, orientations and so on.)
- Site numbering.
- Areas properties.
- Footnotes qualities (location, numbering setting, etc.)
- Endnote qualities (number design, numbers cancel, and so on.)
- Sentence manipulations (create, remove, etc.)
- Sentence borders.
- Sentence spacing.
- Section Indents.
- Stand manipulations (create, remove, etc.)
- Table lines properties (edges, height, positioning, and so on.)
- Dining table cell attributes (width, height, edges, and so on.)
- Table typical properties (alignment, auto-fit, and so on.)
- Text operate manipulations (add, remove, and so on.)
- Textrun colour and typeface designs.
- Textrun format (bold, italic, underlined, and so on.)
- Textrun particular qualities (edges, Additional space, horizontal size)
- Type areas manipulations (checkbox, change box, switches, and so on.)
- Term Record Safety.
- Combined cells.
- Inserted tables.
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