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If you are using Microsoft Outlook, then you must have
encountered an error at one time or another. IT could be a few missing contacts,
a few missing emails, tasks, and other important data that you could have
stored within the application. This was caused by the corruption of the PST
file that Outlook uses.

Outlook PST files could be corrupted by viruses, and other
malware. It can also be corrupted by regular use or excessive size. Either way,
this file is essential to your continued use of Outlook. Without it, your data
is lost. So what do you do? You fix it and recover it with Scan PST.exe.

Amazing Repair Capabilities

As your files are regularly edited, modified, and
eventually, corrupted, you need a powerful tool to reorganize and put it back
to a workable file. This task is extremely difficult to do manually especially
due to the large amount of files you most likely keep in Outlook if you are a
regular user. In fact, it is impossible even for Microsoft’s own repair tool,
which has always displayed dismal results. It can even lead to more corruption
when it fails.

Scan PST.exe is an amazing tool that can quickly scan all
the errors in your PST file, and fix them in no time at all. All you really
need to do is to run it and set it loose on your PST file and it will do the
rest automatically. It detects all the errors and rearranges them to be
recognized by Outlook once more. It reconstructs your PST file to get your
records back on Outlook.

Scanned Preview

When ScanPST.exe scans for the recoverable files in your
system, it can also show you a quick preview of what it got. This can help you
identify if the program is able to recover the right data that you need or if
there are some problems with the recovered data.

Recover Deleted Files

There are cases where we accidentally delete files, emails,
or contacts or we may have deleted them before and realized that we actually
needed them later. In cases like this, you might search desperately for a data
recovery tool, but most tools are not equipped to handle PST file and Outlook
data recovery.

Fortunately for you ScanPST.exe was designed to be more than
just a repair tool, it was also designed to be a powerful recovery tool. It can
easily recover data that you may have recently deleted as well as files deleted
quite some time ago. As long as there is a trace of that data in the system,
ScanPST.exe is capable of recovering it all.

Security Encryption Bypass

There are cases when PST files are encrypted to protect our
precious data from prying eyes, viruses, and malware. The problem with
encryption is that it prevents other programs from being able to read, modify,
or even fix it. You might search in vain for a program that can access
encrypted and corrupted PST files. That is until you stumble upon ScanPST.exe.

You see, this tool is equipped to bypass the encryption of
the PST file to be able to fix the underlying issues in the file. This allows
you to recover lost data even though your file is encrypted. This might raise
alarm for some, but in accessing encrypted files, ScanPST.exe does not expose
your data to other programs. It is focused on fixing and recovering your data.

Export Recovery Files

Working with ScanPST.exe doesn’t have to always be about
fixing or recovering files and email. You can also use ScanPST.exe to export
email files to other forms of data reporting. You can convert these files in
the PST into files like MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, and PDF formats, which should
allow either easy sharing or easy viewing outside of the Outlook program.

Data Optimization

One very common problem with PST files is that they tend to
become too big and cluttered as you add and modify data. As it grows, the risk
of corruption grows with it. ScanPST.exe can prevent that from happening by
automatically optimizing large PST files into smaller files. This saves you
valuable data space while keeping the data stored in the PST files organized
and safe from unwanted corruption.

Easy to Use

Despite the many amazing functions of ScanPST.exe, it was
built to not only be used by the experienced technician but also the regular
consumer. You don’t need to a computer expert to be able to run this intuitive
software. It can even shape its look to be similar to your favorite Outlook
application. It is a program that is powerful, simple, and familiar.

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