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You’ve seen it a million times in Android news sites,
discussion forums, social circles, and even just mentioned by a friend. Rooting
is a widely popular form of expanding the already vast customization ability of
the Android Operating System. Still, despite how vastly known the term is, most
people don’t really know what Rooting is, much less know how to get their smartphone

First of all, we need to identify what Rooting is. Rooting
is gaining access to the Root Directory, which houses the system files that
makes your phone tick. This may range to default sounds, colors, icons, and
other system related information and media. Gaining access to Root allows
certain programs to be able to do so much more, like Titanium Backup, which can
only really backup data if Root is enabled.

The bigger problem is that Rooting is scary for a lot of
people. They find Rooting to be difficult, risky, and too much of a hassle to
do. Even though they want to be rooted, they don’t have the patience or the
time to study up and learn how to do it manually. Well, here comes Rescue Root
to the Rescue!

Universal Rooting

Rescue Root is a program dedicated to helping people solve
the problem of rooting being too difficult for them. It aims to be the
universal tool that seasoned and newbies could use to Root all of their devices
with ease. No longer would you have to dodge hoops to be able to enjoy the full
and unabridged Android experience in your smartphone.

Rooting varies greatly between devices as this makes use of
individual backdoors to open up the front door for a major remodeling. There
are over 1000 rooting methods in our database, and it is still growing as more
Android versions come and more devices are supported.

One Click Wonder

Rooting involves many steps that can be quite confusing to
the average Joe. Rescue Root makes this complicated series of task as simple as
one little click. With just one click, the Rescue Root program takes over an
automates the entire process so all you really have to do is click that root
button once and watch and wait for the magic to happen.

Rescue Root will take care of every step necessary from synchronizing
with your device, backing it up, downloading the root files and taking care of
every necessary step to root your smartphone. You can just leave it and come
back with a fully rooted smartphone, now ready to do your bidding as its

Powerful Backup

As with a PC, whenever you have to do something that
modifies the system or changes some setting or updates some features of the
operating system and its programs, you have to make sure you have a backup. A
backup is insurance that even in the off chance that something goes horribly
wrong you won’t have to worry at all.

Rescue Root is also equipped with such a powerful backup
utility, allowing you to root and manipulate your smartphone with ease and no
worry. The best part about its backup utility is that it is as automatic as the
rooting process itself. No need to worry about manually backing up before
Rooting as Rescue Root will take care of that for you!

Powerful Restoration

What good is a backup you can’t restore? All Rescue Root
Backups are kept securely in your PC’s hard drive. Rescue Root allows you
unlimited access to all your previous backups so you can easily restore these
backups to your device. Much like other Rescue Root functions, all this really
takes is one click.

Rescue Root Unroot

Once you have decided that the rooted life is not for you
then you may decide to un-root your smartphone. Unfortunately, for most
devices, this task proves to be as difficult if not more difficult than rooting
itself. Still, Rescue Root rises to the challenge and takes on the task with
ease. It can restore the phone to its previous state, preventing any issues
with ‘un-rooting’ a smartphone. This is also perfect if you still have your
phone under warranty and you need to bring it in while “untouched” and “unmodified”.

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