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The Hurdles of Rooting

Did you finally decide to root your Android smartphone? It’s
not surprising. The concept of rooting an Android device has been around for a
while, and there are already plenty of apps in the Play Store that requires it
to offer some of the more advance functions of the app. There are plenty of
things you can only do once you are rooted. Unfortunately, despite the
widespread knowledge of the purposes of rooting an Android device, the whole
process just isn’t as simple and intuitive for the average Joe.

Depending on your smartphone, the method for rooting your
smartphone is as varied as the number of Android variants in the market. Even
smartphones from the same vendor is not likely to have the same rooting
methods. After all, it makes use of a back door that you need to open to gain
access to the root directory. Once accessed, you will find that a whole new
world will open up for your Android device.

There are some dangers to Rooting an Android device. When
done properly, it is a blessing. You would wish you had done it and learned
about it earlier. Unfortunately, when done wrong, it can be your worst
nightmare. You could potentially mess up your smartphone, forcing you to
reformat it. Worse than that, you could potentially brick your smartphone with
the wrong process. Thankfully, One Click Root exists.

Simple and Fast

One Click Root is designed to remove the hurdles of rooting
an Android device. It was designed to finally allow you to access the root
directory of your device in the fastest, and the safest route possible. No
longer will you have to fiddle with zip files, exploit methods, download modes,
and the like. All you really need would be One Click Root, your smartphone, and
a USB cable.

True to its name, as soon as you start up your One Click
Root program, all you really need to do with it is one click. The rest should
be as simple as connecting your phone to the PC with a USB cable. One Click
Root does the rest such as installing the necessary drivers, downloading the
preferred root method, and applying the root method designed for your specific
smartphone. Just sit back, relax, and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. All
it really takes is minutes of time that you don’t even have to be there for.
You can just leave the PC and your smartphone to do its thing and come back
with a fully rooted smartphone.

Benefits of Rooting

In case you are not yet convinced why you should root your smartphone,
you should learn of the many new things your smartphone would soon be capable
of once root access has been achieved.


One of the things we hate most about our carriers is that
they tend to lock some things from us. Some functions available to unlocked
devices not only allow you to use other networks but also allows you to do
certain things with your device like tethering. Of course, some functions are
also blocked from ‘unlocked’ devices. For one thing, backing up programs is a
very difficult job to do when you don’t have root. The app itself must support
the functionality. Unfortunately, a lot of apps won’t even let you back it up.

Remove Bloatware

While there is some functionality that you want from your
smartphone, there are some that you absolutely detest. Unfortunately for us,
unless you gain access to root, you can’t get rid of this space hogging waste
of time programs that carriers and Android OEMs tend to install in our devices.
That is why you need root. Not only does it help you free up some space, it
also makes your smartphone faster and cleaner with no bloat running in the

Better Security

Sure, rooting is honestly a process of bypassing security to
gain access to your root directory. The great thing about it is that after you
bypass that security to let yourself in, you get to actually lock the root
directory form access by anyone else. No root bypassing program will get
through at all unless you explicitly grant it permission. You yourself become the
strongest and best line of defense against invading malware and malicious
functionality. In fact, many anti-malware solutions for Android are a lot
stronger when root access has been achieved. So what are you waiting for? Get
One Click Root now and root your Android device!

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