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For your everyday and professional data recovery needs, you
don’t deserve a low quality program that promises vapor ware performance. Data
recovery is a very tough task, and even more so with the stringent operating
system of Mac. Windows and Macs are very different, and you deserve a program
that can work with that specific kind of distinction.

Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery was developed and designed
solely for the Mac operating system. It knows exactly what to do in managing
and recovering any lost data in your Mac computer. With a clean interface and a
powerful performance, it is sure to be a mainstay in your application arsenal.

Deleted File Recovery

Deleting a file is far too easy. Of course, if you are
trying to work fast and clean up fast, it is a mighty convenient feature.
Unfortunately, you may end up deleting files that you never know you needed, or
accidentally deleted a file in the haste of deleting a large volume of files.
Recovering the right data can be so cumbersome that it leaves people in
distress. Fortunately for us, Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery was designed to
recover all types of data that you may have deleted in their original file
names with no hassle at all.

Deleted Volume Recovery

Even if you end up deleting an entire volume, Stellar
Macintosh Data Recovery is powerful enough to rebuild and retrieve important
data that you may have accidentally wiped out along with the entire volume.
Supports HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, or ExFAT formatted drives.

Raw File Recovery

Sometimes, file storage systems can get so corrupted that
you can barely recover any files at all with even the most powerful rivals. Raw
File Recovery allows you to scan, and recover files with certain file types
that are recognized by the program. You are not likely to find the file name
you associated with it, but you can still recover the raw file and assign a
file name to it on your own. This way, you are able to recover even mildly
damaged files.

Photo Recovery

Sometimes, all you really need is to get back some lost
photos. Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery has a built-in photo recovery tool that
aims to maximize resources into getting back a clear picture from the oblivion
of deletion.

Storage Media Recovery

Not only do you get to recover system and local files, you
are also able to recover files from removable media. With Stellar Macintosh
Data Recovery, you can scan and recover files from even fixed storage medial
like DVDs, CDs, and even recover data from other devices like an iPod. There is
no limit to what you can do as long as there is a missing file, you can bet
that you can scan and recover it.

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