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Is Outlook suddenly giving you a hard time? Are you losing
files, emails, contacts, and other important data? Have you tried Microsoft’s
own PST repair tool and discovered the dismal results it brings? Then you are
at the right place. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is the perfect tool
designed to help you make Outlook useable again.

Stellar Phoenix
Outlook PST Repair
is a set of tools that works together to serve as the
perfect maintenance partner for every Outlook user. Equipped with the best
scanning and repair tools, coupled with various tools to make your life easier
like data recovery, backup and conversion. If there is anything that needs to
be done to your PST file, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is right on the

Powerful Repair Tool

PST files are always being edited and accessed by Outlook.
Like any data that is frequently modified, accessed and saved, there is a
chance that it will eventually get corrupted and be unusable. There have been a
lot of users who have started up their Outlook and began panicking as they
realize that their contacts and messages are gone!

Microsoft includes a PST repair tool among their products,
but the problem with that is how dismal the results are. More often than not,
their tools fail to resolve the issue, even ending up corrupting the PST file
even more.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair can easily scan and
identify the errors within the PST file, recovering and fixing data corrupted
by viruses or saving errors. It can fix corrupted headers, remove damage by
viruses, or even optimize oversized and cluttered PST files.

Powerful Data Recovery

Sometimes, data loss is not the program’s fault. We have to
admit, there have been plenty of times when human error factors into the loss
of data. We have accidentally deleted files, contacts, records, and notes as we
tackle the busy stress of life while working.

In cases like this, you can rely on this tool to recover
even manually deleted data. It is able to recover even fully wiped files and
old data, so if you are missing a file because of deletion, you can run this
tool to get them back.

Encryption Bypass

Understandably, many of our personal files are encrypted to
make sure that our data won’t simply be stolen by viruses, malware and human
attacks. Unfortunately, when an encrypted file gets corrupted, this becomes a
nightmare for recovery tools. That is not the case with Stellar Phoenix. Their
tool can get past the encryption without actually breaking it and fix the
underlying data without exposing your data.

Customized Recovery

Once your email files are recovered and repaired, Stellar
Phoenix provides the ability to save the file into a different format. You can
use this to help collate the data into something else other than Microsoft
Outlook. You can choose to save your data in MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, and PDF
formats for easy viewing, filing, and backup.

Oversized Optimization

As data piles on, it is understandable that data can be
corrupted or simply be too cluttered and oversized. The smart algorithms of
Stellar Phoenix are able to fix the issue by optimizing and rearranging the
data to shrink oversized and cluttered PST files.

Scanning Preview

To make data recovery more intuitive, Stellar Phoenix allows
you to preview your data to ensure that the data is what you are looking to
fix. You can also preview if there are no formatting errors or data lost during
the scan, ensuring that the data’s integrity will remain during repair.

Intuitive GUI

The tool was designed to look and feel as intuitive as
Outlook itself so you won’t fee lost or alienated by the software. You can
choose from different themes to customize its look to your preference,
including themes of 2007, 2010, and 2013 outlook programs.

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