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Are you very particular about your security? Are you highly
concerned about your privacy and the safety of your files? Do you want to be
able to protect your PC and your files from spyware, malware and other
dangerous files online? Then you want SpyHunter 4 on the case.

Designed to be a comprehensive tool in keeping the PC
protected from everything bad you may stumble upon across the internet, SpyHunter
4 combines different services into one to ensure maximum protection.

Comprehensive Scanning

The first major feature of SpyHunter 4 is its powerful
scanning tool. This is actually what puts this program on the top of the list
of technicians and computer experts. This tool combines several deep scanning
techniques making use of an open and closed database of known and potential PC
threats. It makes use of whitelists, blacklists and heuristics to identify and
classify every file it comes across during its scan.

Advanced Cleaning Tools

Of course, what purpose is there to know that you are
infected if you can’t remove them? SpyHunter 4 makes use various techniques to
remove and clean your PC from spyware, viruses, adware and all other forms of
malware in your PC. The combination of a powerful scan and a powerful removal
tool makes it an indispensable tool in removing existing infections in your PC.

Interactive Helpdesk

Not only does SpyHunter 4 feature a powerful scanning and
cleaning tool, it is also augmented by a robust customer support system
designed to handle all other tasks that needs a more human touch. If SpyHunter
4 is unable to clearly classify a file as safe or unsafe, it will consult with
a specialized team of experts to help identify the possible threat.

There are also cases where an infection is so complicated
that it requires a more personal and specific touch. The Interactive helpdesk
once again serves as the proper human bridge to a complicated system. The
program can send an incident report that is unique to your PC’s problem and the
helpdesk will create a patch or fix specifically made to address your PC’s problem.
If the problem proves to be too much for fixes and patches, the helpdesk can
get in touch with you directly on the phone and even offer to remotely control
your PC so they can manually remove the infection and fix the error.

Real-time Guards

The other features so far work to remove and clean existing
infections. We all know that prevention is still better than a cure.  This principle applies to PCs and Malware
too. That is why along with a very powerful scanning and removal system,
SpyHunter 4 is also equipped with a comprehensive and customizable real-time
guard system.

This system prevents infections from the internet as well as
potential local attacks. Even if an undetected and seemingly safe program tries
to execute a potentially malicious activity, the real-time guards will be able
to identify it quickly and proceed to prevent it from executing.

Of course, there may be some programs that seem to work like
a malicious tool but are actually intended to be helpful to your system. In
cases like this, you can easily customize the guards to allow programs that you
want to run and prevent unwanted programs from being able to execute their
tasks. This allows you to customize how tight your PC’s security will be.

The real-time guards not only apply to system processes but
also to network processes. After all, these malware won’t simply sprout from
your PC. Most of these malwares are received from the internet and the network.
That is why SpyHunter 4 also incorporates special network filtering tools called
Network Sentry. This prevents any network related attacks and modifications to
your system.

Special Rootkit Removal

Rootkits are one of the toughest forms of infections in the
PC. You can’t simply remove them with a scan, and they can’t just be deleted
manually. You see, these rootkits are embedded so deeply in your system that it
runs even before your operating system could do anything about it. It requires
that your PC be rebooted and cleaned before the rootkits could even ingrain and
execute in your system.

Thankfully, SpyHunter 4 includes a very lightweight
operating system that can be set to run and clean your PC before your own
operating system boots up, ensuring that the rootkit is disabled even before it
can make a move.

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