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Have you ever had some problems running your PC? Ever had a
specific device fail to work or run buggy? Did you ever have some trouble
getting a printer started, or maybe adding a new part to your PC? If you did,
you probably had a big problem with drivers.

What are Drivers?

Drivers are necessary to run hardware. It allows the PC to
know how to run the parts of the hardware properly. As the name says, these
drivers know how to drive the hardware to do the right things. If you don’t
have the right driver, you won’t get to run the hardware properly. You may even
cause damage to that hardware, and that is scary.

Driver detective helps solve this little problem by
accessing a whole list of drivers available in the internet. They know exactly
which drivers you need for your system so you won’t have to worry about looking
for them.

Getting the Right Hardware

I know what you may be thinking. “If it’s so easy to get
from the Internet, then I should just search for it myself!” Well, good luck
with that. Getting the right driver for your device is more troublesome than
you think. Maybe a tech head could get it done after a while, but the average
Joe wouldn’t have the time or the knowledge to look up the driver of all the
hardware in their PC. In fact, it’s not that easy to get the right driver,
because you have to figure out first what is the specific type of hardware
you’ve installed.

You see, even just one mistake in the hardware name could
mean you get a totally different driver. You have to make sure you get it right.
 Driver Detective’s Machine Intelligent
Match allows you it to identify the right driver for your device by providing
the make and model of your system, or letting it do some scanning to see what’s

Driver Updates

The thing about hardware is that barely any of them offer a
quick way to update their drivers once you get the first one installed. You
have to look for the update manually yourselves if you have any hope of
updating it.

Why bother updating it? Because new hardware drivers could
do wonders for your device. It could make the device operate faster, better, or
maybe even add a new function that wasn’t available before. Updates are always
recommended to get the best out of your hardware.

Smart Driver Installation

Installing a driver isn’t quite as black and white as you
would imagine. Some updates are intuitive, and it knows what you need to do. Some
updates seem to be designed to hate the user, so they kind of need some special
instructions. Regardless of what you really need, Driver Detective is dedicated
to helping you get it done.

Driver Backup

Of course, there are also some updates that may turn wonky
and actually be bad for the device. To ensure that you can quickly rollback to
the previous update without a hitch, Driver Detective offers an intuitive
backup solution. This way, you can update without worry.

Easy Migration

An amazing feature of Driver Detective is the ability to quickly
move all necessary drivers to an identical PC. It can build an installation CD
that houses all the drivers you will need to install to an identical system.
It’s pretty convenient for companies and system builders.

Embedded Customer Support

Driver Detective will not leave you hanging. There are some
things that need a human touch after all. That is why customer support has been
embedded into the system, so you can easily get in touch with the support team
when Driver Detective cannot solve a driver problem, or if you are simply lost
at what you should do next.

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